Outdoor Home: Meg's Urban Oasis

Outdoor Home: Meg's Urban Oasis

Janel Laban
Jun 28, 2007

Name: Meg
Location: Chicago

Meg has truly created an oasis in the city...and has photographed it beautifully. She sent us a link to her photoset on flickr and we are pleased to share it with you:

Meg writes: "I am such an outdoor person - I grew up in Wisconsin - having green in this urban environment is a must for me."

"I wouldn't be sane without a garden to tend to. The outdoor details: small postage-stamp yard, a balcony and a rooftop which we have made into a little oasis. Please enjoy my photos!"

My husband's Cedar bench weekend project. Great for taking shoes off before entering or waiting for a friend.
Inside garden. Miniature rock garden of sedum in a wooden root bowl.
Fountain with Elephant Ears and Sweet Potato vine. The vine is the real deal. I planted a sweet potato from the pantry that had sprouts on it - by fall we will have sweet potatoes!

These are just a portion of the views of Meg's creative, modern and beautiful outdoor home - be sure to see all photos in the slideshow above or in her Flickr set.

Thanks to Meg for sending the link and tagging the photos in flickr with "apartmenttherapychicago".

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