Outdoor Home: rustyletter's Parking Space Patio

Outdoor Home: rustyletter's Parking Space Patio

Jun 29, 2007

Name: rustyletter
Location: East Bay

Welcome again to rustyletter, who has been sharing her nest-feathering projects with us since the beginning. (Check our her great bedroom, here). The latest has humble beginnings, but we will let her explain:

"For outdoor month I am sending you pictures of our parking space. In our neighborhood many of the lots have two houses - one in front and one in back. We live in the back house which means our entry is behind another house. According to our lease, the area at our entry is our parking space, but we thought we would rather park elsewhere (there is a long driveway) and a patio would be a much more attractive entrance to our home. Our place is very small so we eat most of our summer meals out here." [more pics below jump]

"We picked up the table and chairs from the Alameda Antique Fair. I recovered the chair cushions with marine vinyl and as soon as the "great color debate" is settled we plan to have them sandblasted and painted.

We used potted plants to try to define patio perimeters. To keep it simple to maintain we mostly have cacti, succulents and herbs out there."


Thanks, rustyletter!

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