Perennial Personality:
Pot Heads & Face Plants

Perennial Personality:
Pot Heads & Face Plants

Dabney Frake
Apr 8, 2013

Did you ever get the feeling that you are being watched? Turn around quickly enough and you might find one of these.

  1. Head Vase from Chiasso
  2. Face Pots from Marie Louis Sundqvist
  3. Terracotta Planter from Overstock
  4. Tripod Planter from Atelier Stella
  5. Utopia Williamsburg Vase from Jonathan Adler
  6. Ceramic Vase Pot from Amarillo Design Store
  7. Beastie Planter from Lovebug Kiko

What do you think? Too creepy? Or, do you like when plants get personal? 

(Images: as linked above)

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