Outdoor Lighting Concept: Blades of Grass

Here's an outdoor themed lighting concept sent in by designer Stefano Merlo, a portable plexiglass and LED light that can be "planted" anywhere. The flexible forms can be used by itself or in bunches, looking like beautiful alien stalks of grass, thus the name "Blades of Grass"...

Stefano Merlo describes his concept: Blade of grass is an outdoor lighting solution that takes inspiration directly from the nature, and precisely from blades of grass. The aim was to design a lighting source that could be easily integrated in any natural environment and become part of it, rather than being something interfering. In fact, as well as blades of grass, the form of this lighting source is thought to be organic, flexible, dynamic and plantable on the ground. Planting more than one of these lights, the effect will be the same as glowing grass in the night...simply a wonderful atmosphere. Blade of Grass is completely made of plexiglass, and works with 1 small battery and 1 led light.

The project “Blade of Grass” has been recognized with the 1st prize in the 2nd International Outdoor Furniture Contest by Gandia Blasco, Valencia (Spain).