5 Outfits For Keeping Your Dog Cozy (& Cute)

5 Outfits For Keeping Your Dog Cozy (& Cute)

Tara Bellucci
Nov 2, 2016
(Image credit: ohpopdog)

My favorite part of Halloween is seeing all the cute pet costumes in my social feeds. A dog's natural adorableness is only enhanced by their outfits, so why not have a wardrobe for the rest of the year? If your dog is down to get dressed, here are some stylish options that aren't costumes.

(Image credit: ohpopdog)

1. Ohpopdog boat neck, $24.42+

I would 100% wear this shirt.

(Image credit: Pipolli)

2. Pipolli quilted hooded jacket, $37+

Look cool and be warm at the same time.

(Image credit: via Bow & Drape/Facebook)

3. Bow & Drape fall pet sweatshirt, $39+

Bow & Drape lets you customize your text and sequined patches to look however you want. You can even get a matching sweatshirt for yourself. #twinning

(Image credit: HappyPooch)

4. HappyPooch flannel hoodie, $49.26+

This autumnal pup proves clothes aren't just for the little guys.

(Image credit: Cane & Co)

5. Cane & Co. snowsuit, $129.99

While snowsuits are definitely more substance over style, it'd be pretty cute to see your four-legged friend romping around the snowdrifts in one.

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