There's plenty of time during the summer for kids to get out and explore. And for my kids, exploring is extra fun when you have a special kit to document, collect, and experiment with your surroundings. That's why I love this DIY explorer's kit from Instructables. Make sure you don't leave home without all the adventuring necessities.

I've seen many projects on Instructables that require major tools that I don't have access to (hello, laser cutter), but this one is very practical. Although it calls for a table saw to cut the few pieces of wood for the cover, you can easily have them cut at a home improvement store, since there are only a few.

Customize the inside for whatever kind of exploring your child loves the most. An artist? Make sure they have a drawing pad, several kinds of writing tools, and even a watercolor set. Budding entomologist? A small net, a jar (while holes punched in top, natch), and a bug identifying book are necessities. Future botanist? Include small paper and crayons for leaf rubbings, a container for collecting acorns and pinecones, and a small album for leaves and petals.

Whatever your child's interests, you can tailor the kit so that they have all they need to explore. Or, if you have a reluctant adventurer, giving them their own special kit can make all the difference in getting out the door.

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