Over the Rain Dough

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A green update on an old favorite. Play-doh is non-toxic, but its exact ingredients are a trade secret and they certainly use dyes to make those bright colors. Since 2004, Over the Rain Dough has been offering a purer alternative using 100% plant-based coloring and 80% organic ingredients. Better yet, their dough is natually scented - Minty Green, Cinnamony Brown, Berry Pink, Peachy Peach, etc.

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Their ingredient are straightfoward. Lemony yellow Rain Dough contains: organic flour, sea salt, organic vegetable oil, cream of tartar, turmeric, organic lemon flavor, grapefruit seed extract and filtered water.

A six-pack costs $29.99 and can be purchased here.

Of course you can make your own playdough at home. Here's one recipe to try.

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