How To Make The Best of Projection Screen TVs

How To Make The Best of Projection Screen TVs

Jason Yang
Sep 20, 2011

Projection screen TVs are fantastic for many reasons, but come with their own unique set of difficulties. Overcome the challenges of too much ambient light, mounting, expensive screens, and other issues unique to projection screen TVs!

Mounting/Hiding the Projector
A big projector mounted to the wall isn't the prettiest site to behold - particularly with many low ceilings in small spaces. You're not limited to just sticking that massive projector on the ceiling though. Consider putting the projector on shelving behind your sitting area or hidden behind wall art. With ceiling mounted screens, consider retractable mounts that tuck up into the ceiling when not in use.

A Screen/Space To Project Onto
You don't necessarily need a fancy screen to enjoy your projector. If you've got a big flat wall that works well enough. You can even slap on some projector paint or build a screen border to enhance your experience. If that big gap of wall space isn't to your fancy (or possibility), try a pull down or motorized screen that hides away when not in use. You can also try some DIY projects, making your own screen or having your screen serve dual purpose showcasing art. The screen doesn't even have to be against a wall!

Dealing With Too Much Ambient Light
Too much light is the Achilles heel of projectors. On a bright enough day they become almost impossible to watch, with a washed out picture that's barely visible much less bearable. If you don't have the option of tucking your home theater into the basement where daylight isn't an issue, you can use blinds, curtains, and other treatments to help block out the sun. Try motorized screens (or the DIY variant and hooking it up to your universal remote for true one-touch automation.

Managing Your Cables
Not everyone has the luxury to chop into their drywall and hide their cables. What are our options for running power and video to the projector? There are many options that try their best to hide your cables running up and along the wall. If you can't hide the cables, some have chosen to embrace them even! If you're able to run power but not video you can try a wireless projector. Already have a projector? Try adding a high definition wireless video transmitter.

Inspiring Setups & Projects
Check out some of these great setups that focus around a projector as the primary TV to draw some ideas!

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