Oversized Woven Baskets

Oversized Woven Baskets

Sarah Coffey
Mar 16, 2009

Growing up, I remember wicker baskets all over our house. My mom collected them, and I hated them when I was young. They were scratchy, and I was always tripping over them or catching my clothes on them. For that reason, I've shied away from baskets in my own home, but this photo from rug company Crucial Trading made me think twice...

One oversized woven basket, rather than a bunch of small ones, creates a more modern look and minimizes the chances for tripping or catching your clothes. It's a simple, uncluttered approach to storage that could work well in a rustic modern interior.

We did a quick search for some sources and found a few to start:
Irish Woven Baskets by Joe Hogan
Dunbar Gardens Handcrafted Willow Baskets by Katherine Lewis
Suke Woven Jar and Basket from Crate & Barrel
Braided Fireplace Basket from Source Perrier
Round Willow Woven Basket from Target

Share your source recommendations in the comments below.

Photo: Crucial Trading

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