Pac Man Oven Mitt Helps with Holiday Baking

If your household is anything like mine, you're in the middle of a baking frenzy. The smell of fresh cookies, brownies, pies and bars fills my apartment as I struggle to bake enough for the office potluck and all my friends' Christmas parties—while still having some left over to munch on. It would all admittedly be much more fun with this Pac Man oven mitt.

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Although not the first techie oven mitt we've seen (Check out the pixel-style 'grab' cursor Clicking Kitchen grip mitts), it's a unique concept that'll have our favorite dot-chomping gamer chasing after our cookies!

The Pac-Man oven mitt can resist temperatures up to 450°F, is dishwasher-safe and even freezer-safe—although we have no idea why you'd need to put an oven mitt in the freezer.

It's a great gift, too. Only $18 here at Fred Flare.

Via GeekSugar

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