Travel Tip: Pack a Green Car Kit For Road Trips

Road trip season is here and for many, the car will become a mini home away from home for hours or even days. In addition to plenty of snacks and music, eco-conscious road trippers will want to pack items to keep themselves safe, healthy, and hydrated, while minimizing their impact on the environment. Here are some of our suggested items for a green car kit. In fact, they're good things to keep in the trunk or glove compartment on a regular basis!

Solar charger – Charge it up on your dash or the seat next to you and use it to power your GPS, phone, camera, and MP3 player. Pictured: Solio Universal Portable Solar Charger

Emergency radio/light – Look for a radio that can be powered by hand cranking, rechargeable batteries, and/or the sun. One with a built-in LED light is also useful in case of emergency. Pictured: Eton Solarlink FR360 Radio

Water bottle – A water bottle with a built-in carbon filter lets you fill up with tap water wherever you go. Or, if you'd rather use something that can fit in your glove compartment, check out the collapsible Vapur. Pictured: Water Bobble

Sunscreen – Even if it doesn't look sunny out, long hours in the car can lead to sunburn. Make your own natural sunscreen or look for an organic brand. Pictured: Desert Essence Organics Sunscreen

Hand sanitizer – While we don't advocate using antibacterial sanitizer on a regular basis, it's a useful thing to keep in the car. You can make your own sanitizer or purchase natural brands like CleanWell and EO. Pictured: EO sanitizing wipes, gel, and spray

Bags – Pack at least one reusable bag for shopping and biodegradable bags to pick up litter at picnic sites, parks, and beaches.

Do you have any other suggestions?

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