Packing Light at Home and on the Road

Packing Light at Home and on the Road

Laure Joliet
Mar 25, 2008

We're getting ready for a pretty exciting trip to China and have vowed to pack lighter than ever. This has made us think about what it is we really need, in a suitcase and at home...

So, what am I taking? Basically a couple of changes of clothes, a book and a camera. I'm trying to fit it all into a backpack or a small rolly suitcase since we'll be moving around a lot. I want to pack light so that I'm freed up to see and experience the trip, not tired from hauling around all my stuff or worrying about losing it. If I've forgotten something, I'll likely be able to buy it or do without until I get home.

In just this way, I'm thinking about applying this packing light to my home. Although we don't have to carry all of our possessions with us, they still take up space in our lives. When we let go of the things we don't particularly like or need around the house, it frees us up to experience the present moment, or life as it is now. We remember reading a quote once about clutter: that we let go of the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. Packing light is all about eliminating the unnecessary. How do you do this around the house?

[image: chez larson]

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