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Princeton, NJ
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
Living here with my hubby. It's the people, after all, that make the home. That being said, my next favorite thing about our teeny-tiny space is the bright color: even though it seems like an impossibly tiny space at times, we've still managed to include thoughtful details that show our personality and design style. Most of all, it's a place that we enjoy being in, feel proud of (tiny though it may be!), and can relax in come sleepy mornings and day's end. When we look around at the things we've chosen for our space, we see our joys, memories, and values reflected back to us. For me, that's home at its best.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
Living there with my hubby. ;) It's quite a feat to share 360 square feet of house, no matter how homey it is! even so, we've managed to make it work quite well by using every nook and cranny for storage and organization: we store things under every piece of furniture we have (and of course, in our closets, which should have warning signs posted on them, they're so packed!). Also, our "coffee table" is a tray table that folds away when not in use, and we put a desk by our front door to serve as an entryway. We also try to keep a good sense of humor and perspective about our current living situation. Whenever we begin to feel a bit claustrophobic, we remind each other: #1, our teeny-tiny space is temporary--we're hoping to move into a one-bedroom soon, after nearly a year in this tiny palace of ours--and #2, good things come in small packages. so here we are, living tiny and loving it--most days, anyway!
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