Painfully Dirty Windows

Painfully Dirty Windows

Laure Joliet
Nov 15, 2007

Foggy, dirty windows. Yuck. We've been putting off washing our windows. Not only are we on the second floor with double hung windows, but it keeps raining so it seems like a waste. But now that the weather is nice again we're not so sure waiting is the way to go. So we looked into our options

For one, if we pay someone, we're intrigued by this guy Dave the Window Washer who says no job is too small (really, we only have 5 windows, and they aren't huge) and estimates are free!

We still don't like the idea of paying someone to do something we might be able to do ourselves though, so we're trying to concoct some cocomamie plan involving squeegees and leaning out the window. Regardless, we'll forgo windex this time and opt for a greener solution of 1/4cup vinegar and 3/4cup of water (add a little dishsoap if that's not doing the trick) put it all in a spray bottle and clean.

But the other problem we're having is that 2 of our windows are doublepained and moisture has gotten between the 2 so they're fogged up from the inside out. in doing some research, we found that there is a solution (we even found it on AT!). It involves paying someone to drill a hole in a part of the window (which totally freaks us out) but people are claiming that it works.

Have you guys got any secrets for window washing?

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