(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Any artist will tell you that you can't just snap your fingers and be inspired. And that goes for painting your home, too. But inspiration is all around us, whether it's in nature, your favorite artwork, or a fashionista passing you on the sidewalk. The trick is translating that inspiration into reality. What if there were a way to match paint colors to an inspirational photo and then visualize how those colors would look on your walls? Well guess what...now there is!

Watch the ColorSnap Video Below

Our friends at Sherwin-Williams have created ColorSnap Studio™ for iPad®, which allows you to match paint colors to a favorite photo, and then to visualize how it will look on your walls. Inspiration at the swipe of a finger! It even helps you find a Sherwin-Williams store near you.

To showcase their app, they've created an incredibly charming video that shows exactly how it works. 

So download the app and set out to seek your own inspiration!