Paint Color Names...for Men?

Canadian paint company CIL Paints has launched a paint color collection to appeal to men. The actual colors are the same as previous shades but the names have been changed to be more manly. "Mo Money" is the new name for "Fairytale Green." The paint color "Lexington Park" is now called "Dirty Socks". Do you think this will work on men?

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The folks over at Style at Home pointed out this story to us. The bathroom in the image above features a combination of paint colors "Midlife Crisis", "Brute Force" and "Deathstar". The games room has the colors "Mo Money," "Sargeant Major" and "Dirty Socks."

This CIL Paints men line is the first paint collection for men in Canada. Have you heard of something similar elsewhere?

Color Inspiration: The Guggenheim Paint Collection
Color Inspiration: Mount Vernon Estate of Colors

Images: Style at Home

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