Paint Color Names: Forget the Obvious and Explanatory

New York Times

Ever browsed paint chips and thought: "When did 'Apricot' become 'Weekend in the Country'?" Or been swayed by an evocative-sounding shade — "Cozy Cottage," for example — and later wished you'd resisted the back story of a color that could be better described as pale golden yellow?

The story, We Call It Brown. They Call It ‘Weekend in the Country in The New York Times looks at the reasoning and creative forces behind paint names. I always wondered who got paid to name paint colors, and now I know. It sounds like an entertaining job, too.

It's a funny read, and next time paint names come up at a cocktail party — "Crème Brûlée?" — you can impress everyone with your insight.

Image: AnnaMaria Stephens