Paint Colors for Basement Apartment?

Paint Colors for Basement Apartment?

Regina Yunghans
Aug 30, 2012

Q: We are moving into a large basement apartment next week. There is, surprisingly, a ton of light and windows, as we are on a hill. The carpet is a thin, dingy (thin-gy) blue and most of the walls are light wood paneling. We can't do anything about the paneling and will have to live with it. There are two places that we can add color:

Pictured here is the lovely brown and salmon bathroom (thanks to previous tenants for painting the ceiling and exposed pipes, too). Here, I am thinking we can pretend like the pink tub doesn't exist, as you won't be able to see it behind a shower curtain. What color for the walls and shower curtain would brighten this small room up? There is also an option for a small window treatment. Also, should we repaint the ceiling to a simple crisp white?

Next, you see the large taupe accent wall overhang. Here again, we have to work with the blue carpet and wall to wall light wood paneling. What color should this wall be to warm up the room and add interest? Our furniture is nothing to write home about, and we are acquiring new pieces after painting. Thanks — we need and appreciate your help making this look better!

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