Paint & Wallpaper Go a Long Way

Brad's February Jumpstart Project 2009

Title: A Little Paint & Wallpaper Go a Long Way
Name: Brad Dufton
Time: 3 days
Cost: $3,500

Brad's gorgeous space was already nice before he went in for this makeover with paint and wallpaper. The size of the room makes us dizzy, and his use of wallpaper is right on. Accent walls with wallpaper are very, very effective. Click above for the pics and head below for all the instructions. Give Brad a THUMBS UP if you find his project helpful....



Benjamin Moore & Ralph Lauren Paint
Osbourne & Little Wallpaper
Sofa and Chair


1) remove all deco. items from the walls
2) quickly wipe walls clean, remove dust
3) paint the walls & molding
4) apply wallpaper to Mantle wall
5) wipe glue residue from wallpaper
6) rehang all deco. items


For wallpaper:
For paint: Johnson's Paint & Co.
Painters & Wallpaper:

Give Brad a THUMBS UP if you find his project helpful....


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