One Great Idea: Dip Dyed Baskets

Martha Stewart

I grew up in a household of baskets. My mother loved them almost as much as she loved brass ducks (seriously, it's an issue). Like any rebellious teen my tastes strayed far from them at first, but I get a bit nostalgic every once in awhile. This quick tip makes them a bit more accessible for a modern world.

There's no denying the practicality of a well placed basket to be a catch all and they can be quite stunning when grouped. They can also feel a little, well, old. To help liven things up or make a mismatched styling of them feel a bit more comfortable in your home, try painting them. Just the bottoms that is.

This is a simple way to bring a solid color accent into your home and add that clean modern feel and dress them up a little in the process. How do you feel about the idea? Share your thoughts below!

• Get the Dip Dyed Basket tutorial at Martha Stewart

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Image: Martha Stewart

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