April showers bring May flowers, but I've had so many painted flower projects last spring that I'm still running them here, in June. Here's the latest.

This is in a bathroom in a house near Woodstock, and I've left the painting style a little bit more rustic and whimsical than some of my other projects. I've taken the idea of a Chinoiserie but kept it quaint, and I think, somehow, more American. This is less like a formal dining room in plum blossoms - I used apple blossoms and quince in my sketches and studies.

The blue basecoat was already there when I arrived: Mariner from Martha Stewart. The idea was do something fun next to the mid-century tiles without being beige. To that end I focused mainly on off-white flowers that would stand out from the dark, and added titmice, a bird native to the area.

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(Images: Mark Chamberlain)