Painted Bookshelves

We've all seen flat walls painted in an accent color, right? Well, I want to do something similar with a wall of built-in bookshelves in the living room. But my husband's not convinced. This gallery serves as a little inspiration for you and I, and hopefully as a way to make my husband see the light:

1 Via Bliss, we love how this dark green paint on the shelves turns this room into a library.
2 Darker is even better in this room by Todd Alexander Romano Designs
3 True, this image from DecorPad is in a kitchen, but the moodiness of that gray is perfect.
4 Dramatic with black in a library by Jonathan Adler, featured in Domino.
5 Compromise just might be the name of the game here, with dark-painted shelf backs only. This example is via Houzz.

I should note, our shelves are already painted, but they're plain old white. A pair of glass-paned doors is located right in the middle of it all. I think a dark color would serve to anchor the shelves and doors as a real focus in the room. I may not get my way, though, and am looking here for a little guidance!

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