Painted Kitchen Appliances

For better or worse, some brave souls have been known to take matters into their own hands and paint their kitchen appliances. Budget-wise, it sure beats replacement. But is it a solid choice? We love Danny Seo's chalkboard painted fridge up top. But what about a paint job gone awry?

Have you ever painted a kitchen appliance? Any tips to assure quality, durability, and a good finish? We're not sure we could ever take this plunge, though we're interested in hearing from those of you who have. For good measure, the gallery pictured here includes a few examples of successful (and not-so-successful) appliance paint jobs:

1 Danny Seo's awesome chalkboard fridge via Apartment Therapy
2 The black front panel on this dishwasher was removed and painted to match the surrounding cabinets. Via Southern Living. Image: Laurey W. Glenn
3 A painted-on "stainless" project gone wrong, via Pure Style Home
4 Painted-on rivets by a custom auto body painter at Dynamic Rides

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