Painted Wood Storage Crates for the Home

Painted Wood Storage Crates for the Home

Kate Legere
Feb 7, 2012

Crates aren't a new storage idea, but I love this picture I found over at Gan Rugs. By painting the insides of the crates various shades of blue, you can introduce that inky blue color that's so popular right now into your living space without much of a commitment.

I'm particularly fond of the blue, but I can imagine all the box interiors painted a high gloss black as well. Or if you're sitting on a bunch of old paint, it could be a good way to use up some of your cans.

I find myself adding more furniture and home accessories made out of natural materials into my home, and this is a good way to add some color. What do you think? Do you use wooden crates for storage? Would you paint them to make them pop?

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(Image: Gan Rugs)

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