Painting Bathroom Ceiling Same Color as Walls

Painting Bathroom Ceiling Same Color as Walls

Kyle Freeman
Oct 9, 2009

We'd been curious about the idea of painting a ceiling — not just a tint of the wall color but the actual wall color for a while. And the bathroom seemed like a safe, small space to experiment. So when it came to time to repaint the bathroom recently...

We chose a soft, creamy green (Benjamin Moore Rainforest Dew) that would work with the existing trim color (Martha Stewart for Sherwin Williams - Heavy Cream). And the Rainforest Dew seemed gentle enough to try on the ceiling. We like how it turned out — especially the encapsulating feeling that the monochromatic wall/ceiling combo creates. And ultimately the ceiling always ends up looking a little lighter than the walls anyway because of the way light intersects differently with the ceiling than the walls. (The colors are so subtle that the photos have a hard time reflecting them accurately but you get the gist.) This bathroom lives in Kyle's Jamaica Plain Gem.

Have you painted a ceiling the same color as your walls?

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