Painting "Heywoodite" Plastic Chairs?

Painting "Heywoodite" Plastic Chairs?

Janel Laban
Jun 15, 2010

Q: I have some vintage 1950's school chairs that are chrome and plastic. They go with a vintage wood top, chrome trim table I have that is from 1940. All together I love them, but the colors are just a little too dull for me and I want to paint the plastic parts of the chairs a brighter color, like maybe a nice light blue. Problem is in painting plastic…

I am trying to figure out which product to use, which entails figuring out what kind of plastic it is. The only info I can find is that it is a plastic made by Heywood Wakefield called "Heywoodite". Does anyone have experience painting these chairs specifically or hard plastic chairs in general? Any help would be great.

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