As someone with a huge affinity for photography, and fine art in countless manifestations, we were immediately drawn to the paintings of David Imlay. His photo-realist treatment of street scenes, often based in the neighborhoods of San Francisco, leave us at once awestruck and wrapped in a blanket of nostalgic familiarity.

David Imlay paints with an amazing amount of precision and attention to detail, but still infuses his images with beautiful textures and a color palette that is distinctly his own. Warm, almost vintage hues conjure images of old photographs taken closer to the middle of the century than today. These colors, coupled with Imlay's incredible ability to paint the subtle and delicate attributes of the fog and light of San Francisco, make for very romantic tributes to the city and its neighborhoods. Take a look at more images of our San Francisco neighborhoods, as well as the rest of Imlay's body of work here.