Pairings: High and Low Dining Tables and Chairs

Pairings: High and Low Dining Tables and Chairs

Sarah Coffey
Jan 14, 2008

Buying a dining table and chairs is a big decision. You'll probably be keeping the set in your home for many, many years. Investing in a good set is worth it, but buying a high-quality table with matching chairs can add up. One way to keep costs down is to mix high and low tables with chairs. The pairing above combines a classic Cherner 48-inch Round Table ($1,899) with a set of Olga Chairs from IKEA ($29.99 each). Click below for more high and low pairings...

Walnut Dining Table ($99 at Target) and Emeco Kong Chairs ($1,065 - 1,160 at Design Public)

Brave Space Hollow Dining Table ($1,950 at Vivani) and White Bertil Chair ($39.99 at IKEA)

Jaxx Table ($298 at Chiasso) and Brno Tubular Chair in Ivory Leather ($659 at Room and Board)

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