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Bangkok Thailand
Inspiration for my palette:
Designers have long returned from the West to their homes in the East, bringing back beautiful objects and knowledge of the unique philosophy and aesthetic of Western culture. Now global travel is a major influence on interior design, and there is new momentum in the melding of Eastern and Western styles as barriers and restrictions between cultures dissolve.
Colors used in my room:
In this room, the emphasis on blue and white sets the tone of the room and contrasts with orange. The wallpaper here, with its eastern painting influenced designs and the orange wall, really changes the mood of the space. It's a place where I can see work and play coming together as one!
Tips for using color successfully:
We know that color is a personal thing. Taking into account your design style, your home's aesthetic, and, of course, your own tastes, just don’t be afraid to do what you love and try your best to make it look good. Art has no rules!
East Meets West
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