Palace Collection Modular Dinnerware from Seletti

Palace Collection Modular Dinnerware from Seletti

Aaron Able
Feb 18, 2010

One of my favorite finds at the recent New York International Gift Fair was the architectural plates, bowls and dinnerware of the Palace Collection from Italian company Seletti. Designed by Alessandro Zambelli, the tabletop series functions as both dinnerware and sculptural, decorative object.

Each building consists of 6 pieces of square plates or bowls and a bonus serving dish doubles as the roof of the Renaissance-style palaces.

• Dinner Plate Palace - $130 from A+R
• Small Plate Palace - $98 from A+R
• Soup Bowl Palace - $130 from A+R
• Small Bowl Palace - $98 from A+R

Available in April!

ALSO SEEN IN: The New York Times | Architecture in Dinnerware

Images: 1: ©2010 William O'Donnell/The New York Times; 2-8 A+R

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