Top Steak Knives: Pallares Solsona

Maxwell’s Daily Find 02.25.15

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Pallares Solsona Small Kitchen Knife - Ebony

• $59

I like to have a nice set of steak knives that can also double as good, sharp anytime knives and these, up top, are my splurge pick (the white handled ones are here). Really a small kitchen knife from Spain, these kill it in the kitchen and at the table. Nice description here and a few more picks below:

"This is a piece made for longevity by a third-generation knife smith in the small town of Solsona, Spain, not far from Barcelona. Each blade is hand-fashioned from high-quality stainless steel, set with an ebony handle, and stamped.

Top Steak Knives

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I was at a really delicious little pizza restaurant on Houston Street the other night and admired these commercial, hard working, authentic feeling steak knives... so I snapped this picture and looked up the name when I got home. Below is the product description and it's all totally true, especially the price. At just over $7 a knife, this is a great find:

"A set of four fully forged steak knives with black stone riveted handles from Fortessa. This set is a great value; there is nothing cheap about it. The blades feature both serrated and straight cutting edges. Each knife measures 8.2" long.".

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The next step up at Fortessa, this set is bigger and beefier for those that prefer more of a cowboy feel at home. :-)

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These classic French design knives are often copied, but these are an original family brand version: "In the heart of the French countryside, the Dubost family has been creating fine cutlery for four generations. The design of these steak knives was inspired by a shepherd’s tool first manufactured in the village of Laguiole in the 19th century. Made of thicker, heavier-gauge stainless steel than other Laguiole flatware on the market, each is hand polished and finished for a difference in quality you can really see and feel."

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Here's another winner because of the nice wood handles and Swiss pedigree. Rosewood handles and high carbon stainless-steel blades make these sharp, strong and easy to handle, this set got top honors by the testing lab at The Sweet Home, which you can read all about here.

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These are so fancy and beautiful, I had to put them in for window-shopping's sake: "From the makers of Japan's finest cutlery comes this premier collection with a unique new "tsuchime" finish. Hand-hammered texture creates cavities, reducing drag for a gliding cut and quick release, while the razor-sharp blade cuts cleanly to keep more of the flavor in the meat."

(Image credits: Maxwell Ryan; Fortessa; William Sonoma; Victorinox; Crate & Barrel)

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