Panasonic's Cute Mini Wireless Security Cams

As you've probably guessed, giving tech the white plastic treatment is an easy way to make a boring product have an instant designer-ly aesthetic. Then again, if you can shrink down something like a security camera into a 3-inch casing, stuff it to the top with functionality, and give it remote access capabilities - you have yourself one of the best IP cameras we've seen yet.

So how's it work? Basically, you just connect the Panasonic BL-C230A into your local area network and the spycam will sit and wait patiently for a sound, movement, or body-heat which activates the camera for recording. Footage will then be sent via e-mail and is also available for streaming over your network via IP.

Alternatively, you can also plug it into a VIERA link-compatible TV if you have that kind of luxury of sacrificing an LCD television as a security monitor. You can string up to 16 of these together for the ultimate home security network.

The downside? Each will cost you a hefty $300. But if you're truly paranoid, this may be just worth it.

[Via Wired]