Pandora Internet Radio

We spend a lot of time online and at the same time really enjoy listening to music. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an internet radio station out there that really gets us going. Sure, you can find an online station for pretty much any genre, but as with traditional radio the song list is pretty much hit or miss, or for the most part miss. Pandora Internet Radio has changed this unfortunate situation by dynamically creating a personalized radio station that is tuned specifically to your musical tastes.

Based on the Music Genome Project, specifics such as melody, harmony, rhythm, instrumentation, orchestration and arrangement were analyzed and categorized into musical attributes. By selecting an artist that you like, other artists that exhibit the same musical attributs or "genes" are played for you as well. If you don't like the song that is suggested, you simply flag it using the 'guide us' button and Pandora continues to refine your station based on your feedback. From experience we have found Pandora to be quite accurate in suggesting artists and songs that we enjoy as well as introducing new ones that we likely would have never heard otherwise....and it does it all for free.