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One of my favorite destinations at the Home & Housewares show each year is the Pantone Color Watch exhibit. The Pantone color experts and forecasters put together palettes that they feel will represent the trends that will be influential in the coming year in the world of home goods. Curious about what might be on the horizon for color palettes NEXT year? Jump below to check out some of Pantone's predictions:

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Indigo Effects: Celestial and majestic blues, purpled and deep bule indigos, all deftly brushed with contrasting strokes of maroon, mauve and moody gray.

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Back to the Fuchsia: Dancing reds, purples and pink, all highlighted by a variety of fuchsias. Jewel-toned Peridot both accentuates and complements the hotter hues.

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Resilience: Nuances of the deepest browns, varietal mushroom tones, foliage green and greenish yellow. A dash of flamingo orange adds an exotic touch to this otherwise organic grouping.

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Reflections: Tones and tints that spark the imagination - Turkish sea, blue moon, garnet, beluga, cloud dancer as well as classic silver and gold.

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Transcending Time: Elegant wine and plum, warm beige and wood tones, as well as classic rose. A touch of frosted almond adds a soft and subtle gimmer to the atmosphere.

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Subtleties: Hazy coral, soft yellow green, faded rose and stonewashed blue, tinges of gray and green artfully set against a tasteful brown and earthy red

Are any of these directions that you could see moving toward with a room in your home? Have a favorite? Let us know which (if any) of these palettes are calling your name...

MORE INFO: Pantone

Images: Janel Laban

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