Paper Counters: Paperstone, Shetkastone, Richlite & EcoTop

Solid surface countertops, regardless of the material, are going to last longer since you can have them refinished. Recycled paper countertops are a solid surface material that we've featured before. The durable surface is created by saturating panels made from post-consumer waste paper with resin, and then heating and compressing the material into a material that is very stone-like in texture and appearance. And there are more options than ever.

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"Easier than Stone to DIY" might seem obvious, but these paper counters have other benefits as well:

  • Dense and durable nonporous construction
  • Stain resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Able to accommodate longer spans without additional support
  • Easily tooled and can be cut, or routed for crisp, defined edge profiles
  • Not easily damaged
  • Much lighter than natural stone

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EcoTop, by Klip Biotechnologies, is made slightly differently, and is actually a blend of bamboo fibers, recycled demolition wood fibers and recycled paper held together with a VOC-free water-based resin.

Here are a few companies, whose photos are featured here, that make recycled paper countertops.


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(Top image: Richlite countertops via Spectrum Surfacing

Originally published 2009-05-18 - CB)