Paper Placemats (ATL)

Paper Placemats (ATL)

Oct 24, 2007

Atlanta restaurants are getting lucky this month. Throughout October, select eateries are receiving these cool paper placemats that feature the work of 40 photographers. It's part of an Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP) public art project curated by Atlanta native Jason Fulford. According to the ACP website, "This concept engages audiences at random and imposes an unexpected experience with art." (Does the image on the placemat above look familiar? It's Highway 1 in Big Sur, taken by Melissa Catanese.)

Since we're many miles from Atlanta, we're sure glad that the placemats are available for purchase online at yoyashop for $25. If you do happen to be in the Atlanta area this month, you can try to track them down during lunchtime at these restaurants. And you can view more of the placemats in the ACP's Flickr set.

Update/Correction: It appears that the placemats sold on yoyashop are not the ATL collection (despite being marked as such). They are likely the original series of placemats, which were part of a J&L 2004 project.

Participating artists include Ethan Andrews, Roy Arden, Roger Ballen, Zander Blom, William Boling, Able Brown, Melissa Catanese, Reuben Cox, Paul Davis, Tim Davis, Jason Evans, Ted Fair, Harrell Fletcher, Lee Friedlander, Stephen Gill, Andrew Z. Glickman, Maury Gortemiller, James Hall, Kyoko Hamada, Cristobal Hara, Nicole Jean Hill, Margarete Jakschik, Dave Jordano, Ron Jude, Hee Jin Kang, Martin Kippenberger, David La Spina, Michael David Murphy, Ed Panar, Gus Powell, Greta Pratt, Shawn Records, Will Rogan, Sasha Rudensky, Michael Schmelling, Shimabuku, David Shrigley, Mike Slack, Camilo Jose Vergara and Douglas Weathersby.

Image: Melissa Catanese's placemat at the West Egg Cafe (from the ACP's Flickr set).

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