Paper Play PDF's by Neskita

Paper Play PDF's by Neskita

Carrie McBride
Aug 6, 2010

Although they look mighty fun to play with any time, these paper play kits might just be the perfect travel toy for kids. Download the PDF files, print them out and slip them into your luggage. When you have some down time (for us, usually between dinner and bedtime), assemble them with your kids and let them use their imaginations for play. At the end of the trip you can recycle them and, of course, make them again when you get home!

These super-nifty play sets are the creation of Sonia Ortiz who lives in Chile. She has always been interested in paper crafts and now pours her creativity into devising these adorable foldable toys. She currently has 8 foldable sets (as well as other non-three dimensional downloads) for sale in her Etsy shop, Neskita, and since she is trained as a professional translator, she can offer them with both English and Spanish instructions.

Find them all at Neskita.

(via: Modern Handmade Child, Autumn 2010, where you can read an interview with Sonia)

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