Paper Pulp Trophies: Brian Bailey's Awards

Paper Pulp Trophies: Brian Bailey's Awards

Tess Wilson
Sep 6, 2012

I love making trophies (more on that another time, perhaps), but in general I find most trophies… tacky. But not these. For occasions and accomplishments that deserve accolades, Brian Bailey's gorgeous trophies will stand as reminders of a job well done, long after the last drop of champagne has been drained..

Brian Bailey is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and he has created Fandom, a series of classic trophies made of molded paper pulp. In his words, "Fandom subverts the idea of what trophies stand for by utilizing an unconventional material (paper pulp) to push the concept that in today's world 'everyone is a winner'." I take his point, but I would love to give one of these as a gift to someone when they get a great promotion, start their own business, survive a difficult break-up, run a marathon, or just excel at all-around excellence. Wouldn't you be proud to have one of these pieces on your mantel, lovely to look at but also a memento of a job-very-well-done? They're reasonable priced at The Future Perfect but are sadly still a bit out of my art-buying price range at the moment.
I might have to stick to the homemade variety for now — less classy, but still full of love & pride.

(Image: The Future Perfect)

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