Paper Soap

Paper Soap

Jun 19, 2007

Life is germ-filled, but we aren't comfortable having hand sanitizer around little ones, given the high alcohol content in those little bottles, so when we saw a parent using these in a local park to wipe down their kids, we had to track this product down.

Paper Soap. 50 sheets of it, in ginseng + macademia fragrance, and so easy to use. You carry it dry, and when the need for soap arises, put one dry sheet on your kid's hands, pour a little water over it and it dissolves into soap suds.

Since most parents we know carry water bottles around in the summer months, this is a really easy way to wash little hands when you are away from home. Paper Soap was originally designed for travellers, but repurposes nicely for nursery use. At $7.00 for 50 sheets, it is a little more expensive than a bottle of hand sanitizer, but it is also a good deal safer, and much more portable.

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