Parans Solar Lighting

Parans Solar Lighting

Mar 21, 2007

This would be perfect for a dark hallway or windowless room assuming that you had some way of routing the fiber optic cable and mounting a solar panel on the outside of your building. Around for a while now, Parans provides a solar lighting solution whereby natural light is collected by outdoor solar panels. The collected sunlight is passed through fiber optic cable to special lighting fixtures ranging from ceiling recessed to more traditional spot lights.

For those times when there is not enough sunlight, hybrid fixtures consisting of fluorescent light bulbs can fade on or off depending on the current level of available sunlight ensuring that adequate light is always available.

We don't expect that this will be cheap, but more exposure to natural light is always a good thing, not to mention the decreased need for electricity to light your space. Information on product details and pricing can be found here.

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