Parenting Blog Roundup

Parenting Blog Roundup

Mar 7, 2007

We are voracious readers of parenting blogs! And can you blame us? Look at some of the great stuff we are reading!

Over on Daisycake, a smart idea for a DIY project. So many people use mounted wall letters in nursery design, and this is a good reminder of how much more cheapily we can do it ourselves.

On Preppy Rider, an amusing reminder of why it is important to check your diaper bag before leaving the house.

Baby Cheapskate put together a great explaination of how to get top dollar when putting your used baby stuff up for consignment.

Hey, New Yorkers! Mommy Poppins is putting together a list of great, under-the-radar preschools in NYC. find the school of your dreams without the stress of fighting for space for your child in the so-called 'top tier' preschools.
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