Parenting Blog Roundup: 5.8.07

Parenting Blog Roundup: 5.8.07

Julia Cho
May 8, 2007

New York Metro Parents on over-praising your child: We all want to praise our kids, and noone wants to be an overly critical parent. But apparently, all of your praise can actually have less meaning if it's done too much.

• Who doesn't want a few tips on sleeping better?: has some expert advice to help you get more shut eye for baby, and yourself!

Who are you? : Once you become a parent and the dust settles- you might find you are a very different person. Here are some great tips on how to adjust and make your "comeback".

• Over at : They're testing out the diaper champ and comparing it to the genie. Watch the product review video clip to see the diaper champ in action.

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