Paris Design Notes: Bonpoint

Paris Design Notes: Bonpoint

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 30, 2006

The shop is in an old mansion. This room was our favorite: deep blue trim, with white walls and a sanded, raw waxed grey floor.

Trekking over to Bonpoint, a remarkable shop by the Luxembourg Gardens, we discovered that this flagship store had recently opened with amazing interiors. The clothing is all for babies and children, but the style is beautifully adult and so much more sophisticated than Barney.

They were a little uneasy with us taking pictures, and consented probably because we bought $250 worth of teeny, tiny shirts and pants (not hard to do). Take a look.

All the rooms had beautiful kilims coloring the floors and some had painted kilims on the floors as well. A great idea if you are on a budget.

This crazy thing is a caravan for a Vespa pink. It's the tiniest camper we've ever seen. Available from
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