Paris Design Notes: Hotel Therese

Paris Design Notes: Hotel Therese

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 27, 2006

Hotel Therese Lobby

Parisians know small. Their town is so much older than ours that their spaces are funkier, smaller and more varied than almost anything you run into in the New World. They also know color. French color is amazing. All of their design makes use of color in a way that is surprising and totally different than other countries. Here is the first of our Paris Design Notes from our whirlwind birthday trip this past weekend.

Hotel Therese is where we stayed (Our favorite is Hotel Vernueil, but they were full). Nestled down a small street on the right bank, rooms are TINY little jewelboxes that contain a number of cool design features. Bath fixtures were all by Allia which is sold by Rohl in the US.

Entrance to our room from the hallway. The halls are narrow. No US firecodes here.

Sweet little room with bed set between two closets that create a nice headboard effect. This is actually a great idea for storage. It held all our clothes and looked like a part of the bedroom wall.

Perfectly stacked, crispy pillows. Reading lights on wall. Vertical stripes gave the room a taller feeling. You can easily touch the ceiling with your hands. Note small alcoves to left and right for books, telephone and other bedside paraphenalia.

Bathroom is super efficient. Sink is wide but not deep and shower has two glass doors that hinge open to allow you to enter at the corner.

Ah, the star of the show: The Allia Toilet. We have not seen a smaller one. It was surprisingly comfortable despite it's dimensions.
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