Party Decorations

Best of 2010

We've been super impressed with our readers' creative party planning this year. You've created unusual themes, fun activities, and, perhaps most of all, gorgeous decorations. Enjoy our round up of My Party decorations after the jump!

Top Row:
1. Airplanes!: Joshua's Ready for Takeoff Party
2. Extra-Terrestrials: Handmade Alien Party
3. Fairy Garden: My Party: Kate
4. Magical Menagerie: My Party: Matteo
5. Vintage Textiles: My Party: Dinah

Bottom Row:
6. Marching Band: My Party: Cal
7. Princess and Pinwheels: My Party: Lauren
8. Pirates: My Party: Benjamin
9. Zodiac Sign: My Party: Dmitri
10. Circus: My Party: Linley

(Images: See linked posts for full image credits.)

Welcome to Ohdeedoh's end-of-year roundup! We are rounding up some of our favorite (and your favorite) posts from the last year. We are also shaking out our reader mailbag and sharing readers rooms, parties and good questions.

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