Party Fun: DIY Mini Piñatas

By now you know I'm immersed in all things related to children's parties. This week, whilst searching for other things, I came across some DIY projects to share. I'm not doing a piñata for my niece Lu's birthday, but I sure do love these miniature ones...

  1. I mean, come on. How great is this happy camper-themed one from Etsy?
  2. This one from Happy Thought uses a clever pull string, so no need to get out a mini baseball bat to break it open.
  3. Evite shares some traditionally themed - albeit pint-sized - piñatas.
  4. Crafts Unleashed does a quick and colorful version out of cardstock.
  5. Oh Happy Day couldn't resist making some egg-shaped versions out of tiny balloons. 

(Images: as linked above)

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