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The entertaining season is quickly approaching, and while we might be all over gifts, food and decor, we can't forget about one of the most important elements of a successful party: the cocktails. Whether it's a themed drink, a seasonal beverage, or you like to mix it up, we're wondering, what's your favorite cocktail? When you host a party, do you serve your favorite concoction, or cater to your guests?

My standard cocktail go-to, whether I'm at a bar, restaurant or party, is typically a vodka soda. However, I know I'd be really excited if I went to a party that was serving St Germain. Over the past several years, the elderflower liqueur has maintained a regular appearance in my cocktail rotation, and is now a permanent fixture in my bar cabinet. I love the flavor on its own, and it can be mixed with a variety of other beverages. It can be kept really simple by adding it to a good gin, or can be dressed up with champagne, fruit, syrups and sodas. You can also make non-alcoholic alternatives by making elderflower cordials. If your guests haven't tried it before, they'll be more than likely pleasantly surprised. And the bottle looks great on a bar cart to boot.

Saint Germain Recipes from The Kitchn:
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Elderflower Cordial Cocktail
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So, What's Your Favorite Cocktail?

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