Password Safe: Hidden Inside a Floppy Disk

You shouldn't write your passwords down. They should stay in your head where nobody can get to them (short of the invading aliens, if Hollywood is to be believed). But some of us don't have the memory chops and absolutely need to jot our passwords down somewhere... This is a clever hiding spot for passwords or any other small, sensitive written information: Glue a small tab of paper with your typed secret (or handwritten, if you've got impeccable penmanship) to the magnetic film inside a floppy.

When the disk is sitting on your desk, it's unassuming to any snoops or burglars. But when you slide the metal protector thing down, you can quickly and easily get a little password reminder, no registration required.

It's all part of this 'How to' from Isntructables user Wehrdo.

But all the hiding spots in the world won't do you any good if your password is easily guessable. Check out our post on how to create secure and memorable passwords.

Via Lifehacker

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