Patio Pop: Neon Accents for Outdoor Rooms

Patio Pop: Neon Accents for Outdoor Rooms

Tara Bellucci
May 14, 2012

Touches of neon have been creeping into our homes and wardrobes as of late, and it's starting a patio invasion as well. In a natural setting with mixed textures and materials, neon is a real standout. Whether you're a neon newbie or already a convert, here's how to work these brights into your outdoor space.

Pair with plants. The juxtaposition between natural and manmade adds a layer of visual interest when neon accents plants. Check out this leggy planter, or DIY your own pots or hanging vessels.

Have a seat. From timeless design to LED luminescent, neon chairs really brighten a space (literally in some cases!).

Set the table. A foolproof way to work neon into your space is as dinnerware. Give these goblets a spin and then see if you're ready for more.

Power up. There's even a hot pink extension cord so you can keep the lights on well into the night.

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