Patio Transformation

Patio Transformation

Mar 25, 2008

We have our hands in many projects. Our house is in a continuous state of remodel and the to-do list just keeps growing. While it might be a good idea to finish up some of the projects that we start (ha!) one of our favorite procrastination activities, now the weather is nice, is to work in the garden. Here's one of our weekend projects.

We had a big pile of dirt that was horrible and muddy in the rain and no where to sit to enjoy the coming spring weather.

We dug jackhammered up the dirt (which we used in another part of the garden) and filled up the space with 3/4" blue crushed granite. We needed about 3.75 tons of rock to fill our area (which translated to about 5 trips in the rented truck!) but all in all, it was fairly simple and not too pricey.

We now have a fantastic sitting area with great drainage, no mud and a budding collection of succulents. Now to find some nice chairs for soaking up the sun...

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